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Innovation increases value.   About Shoeslot.com


Wholesale Shoes from China

Shoeslot is the first global online wholesale store of brand shoes in China, and the direct-sales company is located in Xiamen City with 20% of the domestic market shares.We are a specialist in wholesaling, distributing and retailing brand shoes from China. We provide multiple brand shoes services, including Anta, 361, XTEP, LI-NING, ERKE, warrior, etc. And we offer you the professional internet wholesale service. Up to December 2013, our company has distributed 828 retail departments at home and more than 120 retail networks in Europe and America.
XinDongSen Ltd. was established in 2004 in Xiamen City, China. Shoeslot is one of our online stores providing shoes for the abroad. It is the industry e-commerce site with a huge number of users. We are completely provided products by the brand shoes factories in China, and maintain long-term cooperation relation with suppliers in China wholesale market. All the shows you see at shoeslot.com come from Chinese brands. Now you can stop these high quality shoes at wholesale cheap price at our online store.
XinDongSen International Ltd. was established in Hong Kong in September 2004, and it has launched TengDa Shoes Ltd.and KeLi Shoes Ltd. in Chinese Mainland. Its main business includes that the manufacture and trade of the shoe materials and shoes as well as the shoes accessories, etc. Just because we are the enterprise in manufacture and sales, we have the price advantage. And we have the professional service teams include the product R&D team, logistics team, customer service team and the quality control team so that we can provide you the technical and superior service in the pre-sales, sales and after-sales process. Our customers spread the global 180 countries and regions, and we have received good reputation from them. The long-term cooperative customers are more than 85%. In order to expand the online business, we have established the online china shoes wholesale net shoeslot.com.

Quality First

All our wholesale shoes are from China top brand manufacturers and high quality shoes products, which mean that we absolutely have no counterfeit products.We have the letters of trademark authorization of all the shoes brands in China. We provide Chinese brands shoes for the global dealers at discounted wholesale price.
shoeslot.com is the online shoes wholesale platform that supporting the global wholesaler and retailer. It has attracted a good number of the excellent shoes manufacturers, and involved a variety of shoes include the sports shoes like basketball shoes, football shoes and running shoes as well as the fashion lady shoes, which are all of high quality with cheap price. shoeslot.com has reduced the supply chain to deliver goods directly from the manufacturer to the customer, saving time and costs, which is much humanized. It not only supports large quantities of purchasing but also allows for small amount. 90 pairs of shoes can form the order and the customers can receive enough supplies at shoeslot.com. The customers only need to browse products on the screen and finish the order with a few clicks. shoeslot.com is convenient and efficient and save your time and costs for you don鈥檛 need to travel abroad, which ensures to maximize the customer鈥檚 benefit. Meanwhile, shoeslot.com also supports the customized service. You can get your own brand shoes easily, which can make you distinctive and unique.
Our inner quality control team carefully tests our wide selection of shoes products with quality in mind. Thus, every online wholesale product undergoes comprehensive testing and quality control procedure to make sure that all the shoes meet global quality standards.In addition, products are controlled in and shipped from our inner managed warehouse. This is the better opportunity to access the Chinese brand shoes wholesale market directly and safely without the need to head for China to find suppliers one by one.

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